Hello, there!

I’m very excited to start this website, “Cook with Sami B.”  I started this site for people like me who spent the majority of their adult lives putting things together to eat, but not really learning how to cook.

What does it mean to “put things together to eat,” you ask?

It literally means just that: putting things together.  For the several years between college and meeting my husband, I ate sandwiches.  I’m pretty sure that was all I ate, if I ate at home.  Otherwise, it was takeout, delivery, or dining facility food that was prepared for me.  What incentive did I have to cook for myself if I could get by just fine with two pieces of bread, some meat, cheese, and tomato?  Oh, and mayonnaise.

This site is for people like me who sometimes have some anxiety over learning something new to cook.  Believe me, I am almost always anxious.  I will review a recipe five or six times, watch a ton of YouTube videos about it, and still fret about whether or not I can make it happen.

So join me as I explore new recipes and adapt old favorites to different cooking methods.  I’m open to ideas, too, so please send me a message with your suggestions.  Join the mailing list to be a part of the journey.  Refer your friends so they can enjoy the recipes!

-Sami B

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